Technical Specs


Outstanding corrosion protection:


Kg Gunkote withstood up to 1000 salt spray tests at 5% salt. Tests performed for Armscor by the South African Navel Logistics Dept. showed Gun-Kote withstanding an equivalent of a 7-year exposure. (Tests were performed on Aluminum in a salt spray chamber with 50/50 on/off time at 35 degrees C.)


Gun Kote meets or exceeds Military requirements to:


"Resistant to Chemicals" such as,

Aviation Gasoline, Grade 115/145, Jet Fuel, JP-4,


Lubrication Oil, Hydraulic Fluid - Non-petroleum,


Paint Remover, Epoxy Systemlene, Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ammonia Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide NaOH, Sulfuric Acid H2SO4 3%, Sodium Bisulphide, NaHS 3% and; Alkaline Cleaner, Highly Chelated (ANN-RO #101). ) @ 212 degrees F 2 hours


Outstanding heat dissipating qualities.


Outstanding temperature variation: (stable at 400-500, 700-800F intermittent) and as low as -300 degrees F.


2400 Series has outstanding lubrication qualities and can be formulated to meet most release specifications.



ASTM D-1654-61 Corrosion Protection


ASTM D-870-54 DI Water immersion FTM 151A Accelerated salt spray (fog)


ASTM D3363 Pencil hardness >9H


ASTM G85 Annex 4 (salt spray w/ addition of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) gas injected directly into the salt) – this is basically \ASTM B117, but supercharged… and with horns!


ASTM D3359 Adhesion