Please download the PDF form and complete. Please be sure to sign and retain a copy for your records. When boxing your item please be sure to include this completed form. All items sent without the required form are subject to return to owner at their expense.


Make sure to include all needed photo references. 

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For Work Order

Terms & Conditions:



Lead Time for custom work is approximately 2-3 weeks, however under some circumstances those times could be greater or less than the specified lead times.  Work is complete in a FIFO method (First In First Out) Customer requested expedited requests will be charged as follows:

7 Days: +25% of Quoted premium

3 Days: +50% of Quoted premium

1 Day: +100% of Quoted Premium (work must be approved by us by noon for this to apply)


Item delivered to us in a working condition will be inspected. Should we find issues with the item we will make it known to the customer prior to further work being completed.  Bullet and Blades is not responsible for defects that are not discovered at the time of acceptance; however we will be responsible if it is due to our neglect. Bullet and Blades will not be responsible for any item not listed on this invoice. If a firearm or other item is delivered disassembled a detailed parts list must be attached. Any item received without this form completed will be returned to the customer at their expense. Bullet and Blades will also not be responsible nor warranty any item that is not assembled by us or our gunsmith unless otherwise agreed to and stated in writing.


Shipping terms

Items shipped to us must be accompanied by a completed work order. Item will be returned to the same address as shipped from. Item must have adult signature.


Shipper must follow all state, local and federal laws concerning shipping. Please include a return shipping lable.


Any item that does not meet all requirements will be returned at customer expense. 


Payment Terms 

After completion items left over 60 days will be considered abandoned by the client and are property of Bullet and Blades. We may sell said property at our discretion and any funds received in connection with the sale are the sole property of Bullet and Blades. If the client and Bullet and Blades agree in writing that client will leave an item for more than 60 days, a charge of $1.00 per calendar day will be added to the balance due. We cannot store items for more than 180 days. All items left 180 days, regardless of written notice, shall be deemed abandoned and become the property of Bullet and Blades.  



Payment information

Items shipped to us must be accompanied by a minimum of 50% down payment. This is subject to change depending on work being completed and arrangements made with the customer prior to receiving the item.


Accepted methods of payment: Money order, Invoice (Add 3%) or Personal Check.


There will be a 35.00 fee for any returned check.


Defects & Warranty:

Coating Warranty
Bullet and Blades  guarantees the work will be delivered in satisfactory condition to the customer, if a defect such as dust, paint runs, or other product application defects is noticed.  We always do our best to insure the highest quality finish on your items, however we are human and things do happen.  Should you notice issues like this bring them to our attention immediately and we will recoat the items for no charge.  Other issues will be accessed on a case by case basis If it is determined to be our fault the part will be recoated free of charge. Our warranty does not cover damage due to holster wear, dropping (scratches), nor routine wear and tear. Bullet and Blades WILL NOT warranty any item not assembled by us.

Warranty on coatings will be for a period of five years. 


Repairs or other gunsmithing 

Bullet and Blades will warrenty any repair made by us if it is determined to be our fault. This will be on a case by case basis only and we reserve the right to refuse to warranty repairs if it is determined to not be our fault. Warranty on repairs will be for a period of one year. 


Tight Tolerance Parts and Markings:

We do not coat sears, springs, bores/chambers or other tolerance critical or high-flex parts. 


TOLERANCE: For standard firearms applications it is often inadvisable to coat both pins and pin holes, as the resulting one (1) mil thickness of the coating when applied to rounded surfaces creates increase of two (2) mil to the part tolerance and four (4) mil (.004) when both hole and pin are coated. This is also applicable to auto-pistol slide and frame fit, such as on tight-fitting 1911’s. We typically plug or mask holes and pins and only coat the pin ends. However, we can coat pins and holes and then custom fit these parts after coating for an additional charge. We recommend hand fitting and lapping for 1911 pistol slides and frames as this will yield a precision fit and can help to tighten looser fitting slide/frame combos.

MARKINGS: For receivers, frames, slides, Picatinny rails which have painted on or lightly laser etched markings these markings will be lost during the surface preparation and coating unless they are machine engraved or stamped. If these markings are of great importance we can mask over them, but those areas in and immediately around the markings will not be coated and, as such, will not blend. Manufacturer’s serial numbers will be masked at no additional charge where needed or coated where possible. Some manufacturer model numbers, name etc which are laser engraved will be masked over. This is per BATFE (ATF) regulations. 

Pick up:

Any work completed on serialized firearm parts must be picked up by the person who dropped them off. There will be no exceptions made to this rule. This is part of ATF requirements. The only exception will be where permission is given in writing and it is understood the person picking up will meet all requirements and complete a 4473. There will also be an additional 25.00 fee for this.